Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What should we arrange to get Event Wifi?
    A broadband connection is required to get Event Wifi. Most event locations have (ADSL- or fiber) connections available. Upon the expected usage we can verify of the available capacity is suitable, or that more capacity is required. If a bigger uplink is required we will gladly help you to arrange a temporary connection. Besides the uplink Event Wifi can provide everything required.
  2. Our event uses a main hall and 3 meeting rooms. Can we get Wifi everywhere?
    No problem, we can mount access points in all area's that need coverage to create a single Wifi-zone. People can move around the different rooms freely and will have coverage everywhere.
  3. We would also like to provide wired workplaces with an utp-cable and a poweroutlet each.
    No problem, Event Wifi can provide wired workplaces as well, whether you need 2 or 200 connections!
  4. Do iPhones / smartphones / tablets work with Event Wifi?
    All smartphones / tablets will work fine
  5. Can Event Wifi guarantee everbody a good quality connection?
    Yes we can. Based upon the desired number of concurrent users and bandwidth requirement per user we calculate the required number of access points and their location. By defining a maximum number of users for the access points everyone can be ensured the minimum bandwidth required. Our wifi system makes sure the total user-load is distributed as evenly as possible amongst the access points.
  6. What about security?
    We bring our own router/firewall to create a network that we can setup and secure as required. Our equipment also supports client-isolation to avoid malicious usage of the network.
  7. Can people outside the venue be excluded from the network?
    Certainly, we always advise to use a secure network (password protected). It is also possible to provide users with individual passwords.
  8. What do you do about interference from other networks and devices?
    Our equipment adapts itself to other networks in the neighborhood. This way our network has minimal interference from the others (and the others from us). This is all done automatically, for instance when other networks are setup during the event (e.g. by visitors)
  9. We are in a nice-looking venue
    We have decent stands and small access points. Besides that, we can use black or white cables whichever looks best.
  10. Our event is outdoor...
    No problem, we also have outdoor equipment available since approximately 25% of our projects are outdoor.
  11. I can easily install a number of wireless routers myself!
    Off course, but then you'll have to configure each router to not use the same channels to avoid interference from each other and other wireless networks around. Besides that you won't be able to avoid that a certain acess point gets overloaded whilst others remain idle. Those issues are taken care of by a centrally managed wifi system.

Please contact us in case you have any questions remaining!