Since early 2009 the Event Engineers deliver Event Wifi, guaranteed high-quality wireless internet for events.

Our reputation as a reliable partner for events large and small is based upon years of experience. Event WiFi is available for both support during preparations (consultancy and planning the infrastructure) and delivering turn-key projects. During events our dedicated staff is available to respond to any questions and eventualities, and monitor the network performance. Below you'll find examples of different kinds of events were Event Wifi has been available.

Awakenings Festival

Location: recreation area Halfweg

Since 2011, we have provided wifi for staff around 8 stages and public WiFi in various locations on-site (175.000 m2). Afterwards, we provide a detailed report with graphics and statsitics for crowd control per area.

In addition to Wi-Fi, internet is also provided for PIN machines, ticketing at the entrances, security cameras, livestreams and signing towers. All networks are thoroughly separated for security reasons and with prioritisation techniques we reserve bandwidth for each user.


Into the Great Wide Open

Location: Vlieland

From 2011 onwards Event Engineers have been providing Internet for the festival. In recent years, Wifi Hotspots have been deployed onsite, providing 1.500 different devices per day with Wifi connectivity. In addition, various other services are connect to the Internet. For example: the accreditation desk / ticket validation and PIN machines. These connections are build by means of long-distance Internet, fiber optics and/or wireless bridges.

Amsterdam Dance Event

Location: Various location all over Amsterdam


Each year the Amsterdam Dance Event takes place in the capital of the Netherlands. At this conference, professionals from the international music industry gather. On the different locations of the ADE conference we provide a Wifi network for visitors and staff. At numerous locations we deploy a centrally managed wifi system and we make sure that visitors only need to login once at the first location and stay connected to the internet at the other locations automatically.


TEDx Amsterdam

Location: Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Since 2009 Event Engineers take care of a reliable wifi network for TEDx Amsterdam. Event Engineers deal with the projectmanagement, and funcion as central point of contact for all questions about network infrastructure. Because of efficient preparations in advance, all necessary internet resources fulfilled the expectations.


Jim Stolze (Organiser TEDx Amsterdam sinds 2009) states:

"The expectations upfront were extremely high. Also thanks to the effort of Event Engineers the expectations are exceeded. Their job was to deliver a perfect internet connection for the organisation and WiFi for the visitors and present press. Everything went smoothly and we received a lot of compliments about the internet connections.

"Event Engineers... thanks for that!"

Next to TEDxAmsterdam in the past we were also present at: TEDxYouth 2012, TEDxMaastricht and TEDxBinnenhof.

The Next Web (Conference & Hack Battle)

Location: Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

Two days of high-density Wifi for 20.000 professionals and 200+ wired connections (hard lines). All done with a high finishing level, so the conference looks neat. The stable Wi-Fi connectivity made it possible to pay cashless everywhere using live top-ups on-site. Statistics from the 2017 edition: Over 6,100 unique devices per day, total bandwidth usage: 1.5TB up and 3TB down.


After the Next Web 2015 conference Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten said about the wifi network:

"Since our first conference in 2006, the entire project has grown tremendously, both in size and complexity. And since 2009, Event Engineers has grown alongside us. If you witness the effort that the Event Engineers has to put into this project, not to mention the type of equipment that they utilise, you start to understand why only a small proportion of international events have great Wi-Fi. The Next Web is known for having stable Wi-Fi, and the fact that this remains the case with such huge increases in audience size each year is all thanks to the Event Engineers". 


Read the full article here.

Shell Eco Marathon

Location: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Parc, Londen


After some successful editions in Rotterdam, the Shell Eco Marathon has been back in London for a few years. Event Engineers have provided the full ICT infrastructure for this event. This included, among other things, several Wi-Fi networks for time observation, press and Shell staff, but also for all students in the paddocks preparing their vehicles for the race. The network was available across the whole site and suitable for over 10,000 users.

World Championships Rowing

Location: Bosbaan Amsterdam, Zevenhuizen Rotterdam


For security and management reasons multiple networks where deployed which consisted of: press especially for the quick upload of media files, cashless payment which required a secure connection at the cash registers, wired connections for the accreditation area and several Wi-Fi hotspots for the participants and visitors. A short daily report is created at the end of every day. This report describes the usage of the different networks and gives an insight in the amount of users that visited the event.


Fokker Terminal



The Fokker Terminal is a characteristic and inspiring industrial building, suitable for the corporate event market. With a main hangar, it offers a plenary hall up to 1.000 people and additionally 17 sub-spaces. Here, Event-Wifi provide reliable internet and wifi for fairs and congresses. It is possible to customise the wifi network name, have a service engineer on-site during the event and to deploy wired connections to podiums, stands or wherever needed. In this location everything can be tailored to client wishes.

FloraHolland Trade Fair

Location: FloraHolland Aalsmeer
This trade fair is the place where the international horticultural sector gathers, to network, share knowledge and get inspired. Due to the international character and the large area of the fair floor (25,000 m2), a high density Wi-Fi network is deployed, allowing the user to connect to the Wi-Fi network once and then walk around without having to connect again.

NN Hackathon, Rotterdam

Location: de Kuip Rotterdam


Because IT employees play an important role in bringing innovative ideas to life, the Dutch Nationale Nederlanden organized a hackathon in Rotterdam. For this event we built a high density Wi-Fi network and provided wired connections for each participant. In addition, the uplink capacity of the existing fiber optic connection was temporarily increased. Power sockets where provided for all laptops and phone chargers. 

ING 24H-Code IT Hackathon

Location: Kromhouthal, Amsterdam


The 24H-Code IT hackathon challenged its 750 participants to deliver an innovative software solution around the theme of "open banking" over a 24-hour period. Long rows of tables were equipped with 3.000 power sockets and 750 UTP internet cables. We deployed a Wi-Fi network in for the participants and a separate network for the organization. Around 1.500 unique devices used the cabled connections and the temporary deployed Wi-Fi network. During the hacktathon advanced proactive monitoring was used to immediately respond to network errors.